The Pick Group

The Pick Group is a healthcare consulting firm designed to yield a happy, healthy, and wealthy practice. We focus on new patients through the door, growth, system operations, social media, building your brand, mission, vision, culture, and organization and creation of a great team and great team environment. The Pick Group further adds to your strengths and eliminates your weaknesses. We further create and achieve goals and ultimately give the clinician and team the freedom professionally and economically that they desire and deserve! The Pick Group is committed to excellence and dedicated to professionals. “We Make Your Practice Unstoppable!”

The days of simply hanging out your shingle and expecting a successful practice are long gone.  To truly succeed in today’s dental marketplace, tremendous paradigm shifts must occur in one’s perception of  their practice. Although certainly health care providers first and foremost, dentists  are often overwhelmed by, or under-prepared for,  the business of dentistry .  Basic principles that Fortune 500 companies adhere to a dental businesses never subscribe to!  The majority of all dentists do not like the business side of dentistry. Covering all aspects of your dental practice business, The Pick Group  takes you from just being the dentist in your office to something more valuable: the CEO of your practice!


What we do….

  “Image Coupled with a Strong Performance is Unstoppable!”

The Pick Group is committed to the ultimate in excellence and dedicated to professionals, thriving on high ethical standards and implementing best business practices.

The process begins before our team arrives by looking at your website, social media presence, on-line reviews, and how your phone is answered. One of our lead consultants will then spend time in your practice- observing all facets of what you and your team do. From the moment we walk through your door, we observe the image your office projects, how your phones are answered and we will review and evaluate all of your current business systems. We observe your team: how they interact with patients, you and each other.

We key in on:

  • scheduling and patient flow
  • patient interaction and patient expectations
  • hygiene appointments
  • the new patient exam
  • treatment plans and presentations
  • payment and payment plans
  • referrals
  • team meetings
  • verbal skills of the entire team
  • personalities of the doctor and team

Our consultant spends time with the doctor and each employee thereby allowing The Pick Group to fully assess your  practice or DSO’s wants, needs, strengths and weaknesses.


Once our data is collected, Dr. Pick and his team then form your personal game plan!  The first of this information is brought to you via your first of two “Pick Business Retreat” or “PBR’s!”, each scheduled 6 months apart.

We will:

  • develop your practice’s mission, vision and culture statements
  • create a blueprint and teach you how to run your morning huddle, as well as  monthly team meetings
  • create a great team and team environment
  • focus on building your brand, creating your USP
  • develop all of your social media outlets
  •        create a top-notch website




The incredible business SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and STEW (Satisfy the customer, Team, Extra mile, and the Wow factor), are completed, as well as an eventual personal SWOT.

The all-important business S-curve and how to jump the S-curve is achieved and constantly modified.  The Pick Group further adds to your strengths and helps eliminate your weaknesses. From this we are able to develop your ever important goals and the method to achieve those goals!

All of these things, along with many others, will differentiate you from all other practices,  ultimately allowing for an increase in new patients through the door, phenomenal growth, and the continued development of the correct business systems and system operations for your practice.

Finally, to keep everything running smooth and as questions will arise, we do something so important to us and for you a weekly, prearranged Skype, FaceTime or a Join.Me live video call is scheduled.  It keeps it personal and allows us to interact with you and your team, to modify and answer all of your questions as we move through the year.

There is no question, the more you – as the now CEO of your practice – put into this, the more you and your team will gain.  Business is something never taught, per se, in dental school nor is it your focus – you became a dentist to care for your patients.  The Pick Group helps you create and implement all of this, so what is learned can be effectively implemented immediately upon return to your practice or DSO!